A Year of Lessons

If I had to choose a word to describe my 2018, it would be Perspective. 

One event, one experience, one conversation, one moment—no matter how big or small— can alter your life forever. It happened to us exactly one year ago, on New Year’s Eve. 

All we wanted was quality time with the family, a change of scenery, and a few days off from the daily grind. But we got way more than we bargained for. From the very first day, our vacation took on a life of its own with experiences, coincidences, and fun stories to remember that we couldn’t have predicted or planned for. A voice in my head kept telling me, Pay attention, there are lessons for you here. 

It was a spiral of awesomeness, until it wasn’t.

We were driving up to Black Mountain to spend the night with our friends, Analin, Chris and their family, at their cabin. It had begun snowing unexpectedly and a thin layer of black ice covered the roads. In a split second, our tires skidded and we fishtailed toward the edge of a cliff with no barrier to protect us. I closed my eyes and braced myself having no control over what was going to happen to my family. 

But luckily for us, the story didn’t end there.  The car stopped short of falling over the edge and our lives were spared. One of our sons had a broken ankle, it was pitch black, snowing and we had no cell phone service or GPS. After many hours, we had to abandon our car and hike up two and half miles up the mountain with our nine, seven, and four-year-old boys. 

 The events leading up to the moment we were at the edge of the cliff, and the steps we had to take to get to safety, taught me that every experience trains you for the next one.  It felt like life had been offering clues along the way, preparing us for this very moment. 

And then it hit me.  We are always receiving clues and the Universe is always preparing to overcome any obstacle that life throws at us. 

 I’ve spent 2018 processing all that I’ve learned about leadership, resilience, relationships and spirituality. I hope to spend 2019 sharing those lessons learned. 

Now, what if you had to choose one word to describe your year. What would it be? 

Maybe this is the year you got married, had a baby, or started your own business. Or the year you lost a loved one. Maybe it’s the year you accomplished a bucket list item or remodeled your home. Maybe the year was uneventful and the days blended together so much that you barely remember what happened. 

Whether 2018 was good or bad—whether your “word” pops out at you or is so subtle you haven’t caught it— know that life is giving you the tools you need to do more. It’s preparing you so that you can be stronger, live fuller, and find your purpose. You are in training, friend. All you have to do is choose to look at it that way. 

As we wrap up 2018, I leave you with my last moment of clarity of the year. 

A Moment of Clarity

 You are always in training for what’s coming next.  Pay attention…there are lessons for you here. 

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