Be There Even When You're Not

Nurturing special relationships can be a daunting task when you travel, are divorced, or work long hours. Caroline de Posada offers powerful strategies to help you connect and communicate meaningfully with your loved ones, colleagues, and clients.

Coming from divorced, professional parents and a father, Dr. Joachim de Posada, CSP, who traveled extensively as a global speaker and bestselling author, Caroline recounts her own experience of creating unbreakable bonds with her parents. With humor, charisma and authenticity, this engaging storyteller transforms the way busy professionals manage the demands of work and family to reduce stress and build foundations for success.

“It was my 'privilege' to hear an amazing speaker, Caroline de Posada recently! High recommendations for her style, life experiences, content, and posture in the Profession.”

Naomi Rhode
CSP, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, Co-founder SmartHealth.

Caroline de Posada delivered a powerful and personal presentation last night honoring the relationship she had with her father, the late Joachim de Posada. His presence was felt in the room and I'm sure he would be extremely proud of Caroline following in his footsteps. She brilliantly incorporated videos into the presentation of Joachim speaking, I mean, it felt like he was there! Even the presence of her children was a great touch – it was like having three little Joachims there! Along with presenting the Joachim de Posada Lifetime Achievement Award to Rita Craig, it was a very touching tribute to Joachim. This talented, young woman has a very bright future in the speaking profession."

Mace Horoff
Sales Pilot Medical Sales Performance Medical sales author/high-stakes sales expert.

“Recently, I met and had the opportunity to hear Caroline de Posada address a group of influential people. I had a fleeting acquaintance with her charismatic father. She immediately reminded me of another daughter of a legendary professional speaker. They both have qualities of their fathers, yet are both very unique individuals in their own right while following in their fathers' paths. Caroline is very attractive, vivacious, witty, humorous, articulate and captures you instantly with her ever-present smile. But, mostly, when she ascends the platform, she takes command of the audience and captures both the hearts and minds of everyone in the audience. She has the ability to relate to each person as if he or she is the only person in the room. You can't make a mistake by having Caroline speak to your audience. You'll love the rave reviews!”

Ed Helvey
Coordinator, Veteran Speakers Conference

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