Three Thanksgiving Traditions That Won’t Make You Fat

Thanksgiving is a time when families unite to give thanks for our blessings and eat too much. But we can’t always be with the people we love on this special day. Your family may be out of town and you can’t visit them this year. You may alternate where holidays are spent— “One year with your family and the next with mine.” You may be divorced and your child is spending Thanksgiving with your ex. Maybe you are celebrating this special day with your family but a special someone you’re grateful for will not be with you. Or perhaps your employees deserve a big “thanks” for all they do at work.

Here are three Thanksgiving traditions meant to strengthen relationships and express gratitude for the important people in your life … without affecting your waist line.

1. Send a postcard

Nowadays, people have so many forms of communication available. Cell phones and computers make it easier than ever to stay in touch. Yet sending a postcard is special. For one, we are not used to receiving cards in the mail anymore so when we do receive one, it’s a novelty. If that card happens to say something like “I’m so grateful to have you in my life,” it is a gift. A postcard requires a little more effort than a text message or an email, which make your person feel special. Finally, a postcard allows you to write things that may be hard to say in person. Writing something loving on a postcard makes connecting easier. And they can keep it forever.

2. Use cards as party favors

Hosting a Thanksgiving celebration? Here’s a way to give your dinner meaning and purpose. Give each guest a card or postcard and ask them to write down what they are grateful for this year. One year we had our kids write a card to each of our family members expressing why they were grateful for that person. My family loved receiving their cards, and the kids loved giving them. Or make a game out of it and put all your guests’ names in a hat. Have each person pick out a random name and write something kind about them. Your Thanksgiving dinner will be remembered fondly as a day of gratitude and love.

3. Use postcards to create a grateful company culture

Home is not the only place for gratitude. Managers, employees, and leaders all need a pat on the back from time to time. Thanksgiving is a good time to create a company culture that expresses gratitude. Place a box of postcards in one location of the office or give everyone their own set. Send postcards to your employees thanking them for the work they do. Encourage employees to send postcards to each other when one helps another or solves a problem. Tell your boss you are grateful for letting you come in to work late so you can see your child’s award ceremony, or thank him for giving you good feedback.

It is always a good time to send a postcard to let people know you’re grateful for them. Make this Thanksgiving extra special with these simple traditions. I wish you a wonderful holiday. And THANK YOU for reading this post.

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